May 19th, 2022

Horwath thanks CUPE Ontario for continued endorsement

SAULT STE. MARIE – NDP leader Andrea Horwath released the following statement of thanks to CUPE/SCFP Ontario President Fred Hahn, Secretary-Treasurer Yolanda McClean and the 280,000 public sector workers represented by CUPE Ontario, Ontario’s largest union, for their endorsement:

“I’m filled with joy and gratitude for CUPE Ontario. Having Ontario’s largest public sector union stand with the NDP makes us stronger. Together, we’re committed to fighting for public workers, for better wages, for safe and equitable workplaces, and for the world-class public services we all count on every day.

I know who I stand with — before, and after elections. And I know what we can accomplish together.

We can scrap Doug Ford’s low-wage policy, Bill 124. We can stop the cuts and invest in seniors care, in education and in health care. We can deliver universal mental health care, pharmacare and dental coverage for all. We can deliver 10 permanent paid sick days. And we can have the very wealthiest one per cent, and the richest corporations, finally pay their fair share.

To President Fred Hahn, Secretary-Treasurer Yolanda McClean and each and every one of the 280,000 public sector workers of CUPE Ontario, thank you for everything you do for Ontario and for working people.”


Fred Hahn, President of CUPE Ontario

“Let’s never forget that some of the first things the Ford Conservatives did was freeze the minimum wage, scrap equal pay for equal work, and legislate our members back to work. And it’s only gone downhill since then, with the pandemic just exposing the realities of underinvestment begun by the Liberals and carried over by the Conservatives. Enough’s enough. We need a change – and that change is Andrea Horwath and the NDP.”

Yolanda McClean, Secretary-Treasurer of CUPE Ontario

“Our union, the broader labour movement, our communities across the province, countless coalition partners, and the NDP have consistently spoken with one voice. We share a vision of an Ontario that fully meets our needs, chooses people over profit, and truly invests in the public services that we rely on. That’s why our membership continues to overwhelmingly declare its full support for Andrea Horwath and the NDP. We know that, together, we can build the Ontario we deserve.”

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