May 20th, 2022

Ford doesn’t get it done for drivers when meeting with Big Oil

Newly released freedom of information records show gas prices were not on Ford’s agenda in 2019 when he met with big oil and gas companies in Calgary. His own talking points didn’t even mention lowering gas prices.

Ford spent more than $10,000 on the trip to Calgary to meet with representatives from Imperial Oil (Esso and Mobil), Suncor (Petro-Canada), and Shell in 2019 - for twenty minutes each - but didn’t even try to lower prices for Ontario drivers.

The FOI records show that the long weekend price gouging and high price of gas for drivers were not on Ford’s list of items to address.

Gas has hit $2 a litre and big oil corporation profits have only grown by the billions.

Doug Ford’s gimmick on gas is a “savings” of $1.75 a week for six months. Only Andrea will take on big oil companies by capping gas prices and making people’s commutes more affordable.

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